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Kim Trusty is a follower of Christ and hails from Media, Pennsylvania. Her foray into songwriting started at a young age and eventually brought her to New England to study songwriting at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where she was referred to as "the girl with the golden voice." She has spent the last three decades residing in Providence Rhode Island refining her musical skills, crafting, and branding her own style of Jazz, R&B, Blues and original music. Trusty's reputation has moved well beyond

the Ocean State as a consummate technician, vocalist, lyricist,

and songstress.

She is also known for her work in the community. Trusty has

worked with kids from diverse backgrounds, teaching elementary

school music, primarily working with African Americans and

Latinos. She helped start Providence's first school for the Arts

Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts which opened its doors

in September of 2010.

The following year, Trusty was asked to sing the National

Anthem at Governor Lincoln Chafee's inauguration. She has

performed as an actress playing the role of Rosue in When

Mahalia Sings from 2010-2012. She is currently working with a

screenwriter to tell her amazing story as a black lesbian artist,

educator, stroke and cancer survivor.


Trusty draws on Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Vocal Improvisation, Soul

and Roots, bringing her life, heart and work experiences into

unforgettable and unique performances. Her talent, presence

and warmth combine to invariably bring an audience to its feet

time and again and develop community whether in the classroom

or on the stage.

Trusty's depth of talent transcends customary expectations,

whether performing with a guitar, piano or a full band. Her voice

wraps up the listener in sultry surround sound from the first note

and instantly makes it clear that there's nothing better than full

immersion in the Kim Trusty Music vibe.

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